Khatam Polymer Activities


Khatam Polymer Activities


Khatam polymer Co. was established in 2004, in order to present research and technical information depend on analysis and quality & quality control of plastic packaging and research in the field of biodegradable plastic films, edible coating, plastic waste, agro waste and technical information in different polymeric industrial with professional consultative services.



Food Contact Plastics Quality Control tests According to the International Standard (21-CFR) FDA  & EEC

Nylon resins.


Polyethylene phthalate polymers.

Polystyrene and rubber modified polystyrene.

Maximum extractable fraction of the polymer sample in n-Hexane

Maximum Soluble fraction of the polymer sample in Xylene

Global Migration glass cell for similar two sides of containers

Global Migration for multilayer

Global Migration (for Easy opening door), can

Specific Migration by HS-GC

GC Styrene monomer & Other monomer

Intrinsic Viscosity IV

Ash content

Heavy Metals and trace toxic component