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Laboratory services of Khatam Polymer Laboratory


This laboratory specializes in all kinds of polymer raw materials, all kinds of master batches, polymer (plastic), rubber and composite packaging, single-layer and multi-layer packaging films, disposable polymer containers and... all kinds of packaging products. Food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and hygiene products in accordance with the international standards of the European Union (EEC) and America (FDA) as well as other national (ISIRI) and international standards (ASTM, ISO, DIN, EN, JIS, KES, PSA, JASO and...) is active. 


Some of the activities of the laboratory are as follows


Analyzing and checking the properties of Food Grade polymers in accordance with the international standard of the US Food & Drug Administration FDA (CFR-21) and the regulations of the European Union EU Directive 2002/72/EC.

Identification and analysis of all raw materials, additives and polymer products of domestic and foreign production and preparation of product specifications sheet.

Examining and compliance of all raw materials, additives and polymer products with the national standards of Iran ISIRI and international standards: DIN, BS, EN, HS, USP, ASTM, EEC and ISO, providing a certificate of compliance.

Evaluation of chemical, physical, mechanical, thermal, rheological and structural properties of polymeric materials and products.

Equipping and conducting special tests according to the customer's request.


To request laboratory services, please fill out the test request form online and send it to us.


 Tests that can be done in the laboratory


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