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The first specialized laboratory for food grade and pharmaceutical packaging in Iran with registration number (258014), national ID (number 10102982002) and economic code number (411336644659) was established in 2005.


KhatamPolymer Acitivities


The laboratory partner of the Food and Drug Administration, the National Standards Organization of Iran and the Strategic Technologies Laboratory Network, is licensed by the relevant organizations and has the ISIRI-ISO / IEC 17025 International Accreditation Certificate from the National Accreditation Center of Iran (NACI). Specialized training courses from the National Standard Organization of Iran in the field of introducing all kinds of polymers, all kinds of food grade and pharmaceutical packaging, production and shaping process, moderntechnologies of instrumental analysis.



Providing laboratory services: identifying and controlling quality and quantity and providing certification of conformity of all raw materials, additives and polymer products produced by domestic and foreign companies in accordance with ISIRI national standards and international regulations of the US Food and Drug Administration, FDA and EU regulations. 10/2011, (EC) No. 1935/2004 and other valid international standards such as: ASTM, ISO, DIN, EN, BS, USP and other required standards.



Cooperation with universities, scientific centers in the implementation of research projects and student and industrial projects on modern packaging technologies, biodegradable and antibacterial polymers, food coatings, nanocomposites and wood-plastic, recycling andmodification of properties of waste polymers and reverse engineering of all kinds of polymer materials.



Providing business consulting, industrial production in sales, registration and ordering, import and export of polymer raw materials, additives, nanomaterials, biocompatible and biodegradable materials, food and industrial coatings and all chemicals, preparation, manufacture and order all kinds of semi-industrial and laboratory equipment and packaging.


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